Caltex Lubricants is a Reliable Supplier of Premium Lubricants and Coolants

Delo® products are designed for on- and off-highway applications, ranging from truck and bus transportation to construction, mining, agriculture and power generation. Across industries, Delo’s premium lubricants deliver world-class protection, performance and maximum operational reliability in a wide range of operating conditions.

Premium products for bumper-to-bumper protection helping achieve the most performance out of every mile; maximizing vehicle uptime and minimizing operating costs.

Extreme conditions require lubricants like Delo, Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oils, and our line of heavy-duty greases that help deliver extreme wear protection.

For more than 100 years, customers have trusted quality Havoline® products to protect one of their biggest investments.

Expertise, dedication and service go into formulating the highest quality lubricants to protect inland marine and deep-sea shipping vessels from stem to stern.
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Delo with ISOSYN® Technology gives you the performance, protection and confidence you need to help your business go further.
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From new to high-mileage engines, Havoline with Deposit Shield® Technology motor oils protects your most prized possession.
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Bumper to Bumper Protection for
Passenger Cars
Bumper to Bumper Protection for Passenger Cars

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Havoline® can protect your passenger vehicle from bumper to bumper. 

Our lubrication experts can help you find the right lubricant for your equipment.
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