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Staying on schedule is critical when it comes to mining production. Caltex premium lubricants are formulated to support equipment performance and protection despite the dirt, severe loads and harsh elements faced around the clock. 

Our team of technical experts offers a best-in-class assessment of your operation to identify goals and establish the most effective lubrication programme for optimising equipment performance.

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Lubricant Product Recommendation Guide

Proof of Performance

Delo® proves its performance shown in robust bench testing & field applications, delivering bottom-line value across industry segments.

Aveng Moolmans – Tati Nickel Mine

Achieves 23 000+ hours in a Komatsu 785 Mine Haul Truck using the Caltex Delo®family of products... read more

Gothoma Diggings

Saved over R1,000,000 due to the doubling of overhaul intervals without damage... read more

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Whatever your business or industry, Caltex Lubricants can help improve operating efficiency and profitability through delivering advanced technology, high quality lubrication products and customised services.

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