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We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced marine lubricants available to meet or exceed standards while addressing the changing environmental regulations. Developed to meet stringent OEM requirements and proven by real world performance to meet the latest regulations..


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When driving efficiency is the task at hand, start from within. Let us recommend the right product for your business needs.
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Delo Heavy Duty Performance for On-Road Diesel Vehicles

Delo® with ISOSYN Technology gives you the performance, protection and confidence to help your business go further. Learn about the Delo® Difference through bench testing results as well as field testing showcasing our customer’s stories.

Lubricant Product Recommendation Guide

Customer Testimonials

Delo® proves its performance shown in robust bench testing & field applications. The Delo® family of products is results driven. See how ISOSYN Technology contributes to outstanding performance.

Freestate Petroleum Distributors

Achieves 1,000,000+ kilometres in a Freightliner® Truck using the Delo® family of products... read more

Golden Arrow Bus Services

Achieves 630,000 kilometres in severe service in a MAN Bus using the Caltex Delo® family of products... read more


RbL Program

Our team of technical experts are here to help you find the right solutions for your operations. Our extensive lubrication knowledge, targeted products and customised services work as one complete program to tailor make solutions to optimise equipment performance. The RbL Program is designed to benefit your equipment, people and profitability.

Lube Watch (Oil Analysis Program)

As you optimise your lubrication program for peak protection and performance, attentive monitoring will help you to continue achieving these benefits. LubeWatch oil analysis helps you detect potential problems and fine-tunes your maintenance practices to extend drain intervals, minimise failures and reduce costs.

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Whatever your business or industry, Caltex Lubricants can help improve operating efficiency and profitability through delivering advanced technology, high quality lubrication products and customised services.

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